SCHOOLED John Clayton - The 2017 NFL Draft with Bill Polian

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  • The 2017 NFL Draft with Bill Polian

    Hall of Fame GM Bill Polian joins The Professor John Clayton live from the NFL Draft after a very unusual first round in Philadelphia.

    It seems everything about the league is has changed over the years, and the draft is no exception. So what's different?

    And how do you build a successful team in 2017? Those answers and more on this week's SCHOOLED. ... n=SCHOOLED with
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  • Thanks for posting ..... outstanding podcast :2thumbs:

    In today's game, "the special quarterback breaths life into the rest of your team" -- Bill Polian

    The magic number among athletes remains 28 years of age. That's where they peak.

    When a player hits 30 (excepting elites) it is time to start looking for a successor.

    The emerging (Patriot) talent acquisition trend is to sign the young (23-24) emerging (RFA) veteran and release the expensive draft pick that didn't quite fit or develop go rather than resign. It's cap neutral. And, it skips over the learning curve years in favor of a already schooled and proven young player.

    P.S. John Schneider has been very specific about keeping tabs on Patriot trends.
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